Ch. Protocol's Now You See Me CA DN "Magic"

Ch. Mick Ricks Born To Win "Ruby"

Born 10/8/16

8 puppies: 5 Black Girls 3 Black Boys

Magic Jr., Holly, Shazam, Mirage, Noah, Taika, Peanut, & Pixie

Magic Health Stats:

VWD Clear 
DCM Meurs Negative 
Liver Kidney and Thyroid Normal 
CERF Clear 
Echo Normal 
OFA Good 
Ding Clear 
Black #1

Ruby Health Stats:

VWD Clear 
DCM Meurs Heterozygous Positive 
Liver and Kidney Panels Normal 
Thyroid tests normal (on small dose (.6mg) of Levothyroxine) 
CERF Clear 
Echo Normal 
PennHip 90th percentile 
Red #7